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H1: About the W3C

H2: Our mission

H3: Our values revolve around building the web for all

H3: W3C are paving the way web works with standards

Four boxes highlighting W3C mission and horizontal groups.

Box 1: H2 Accessibility

Box 2: H2 Internationalisation

Box 3: H2 Privacy

Box 4: H2 Security

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H2: Our History

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H2: Bringing diverse stakeholders together

H3: Staff

H3: Evangelists

H3: Members

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H3: Careers

H2: Our recent activities

H3: News

H2: Want to know more?

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H3: About W3 FAQ

H2: You may also be interested in

H3: System status

H3: Sitemap

H3: Policies and legal information