W3C website redesign project

During 2020, Studio 24 are proud to be working with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) on a redesign of their website to more effectively communicate what the organisation does with a modern, inclusive, usable website.

We’ve set this project site up to help work in the open, to share our progress, key documents and learnings. We strive to post regularly to this site, so sometimes documents will be draft and potentially work-in-progress.

You can view the full timeline or subscribe to updates via RSS.

Recent updates

  1. 15 Jan 2021 - High level timeline and approach (Update)
    Find out what has changed in the delivery timeline and approach
  2. 13 Jan 2021 - Listing and post pages designs
    View our designs for the listing and post pages
  3. 14 Dec 2020 - Header design update
    Header design reviewed for internationalisation, among other things