There are several ways you can follow updates on this project and provide feedback.

Keeping up to date

We publish all project updates to the timeline. You can subscribe to updates via RSS.

Getting involved

Coralie Mercier, Head of Marketing & Communications at W3C, is responsible for managing community feedback on this project.

Community feedback

W3C maintain a public wiki for the project. You can also subscribe to W3C project updates via the public mailing list. W3C will also post to the W3C blog whenever we are encouraging public feedback.

Questions via GitHub issues

We use Basecamp for project comms, though when we gather feedback from the wider W3C community we are trying to use GitHub issues so this is done in the open.

If you have any comments on documents published to this site, or the project process in general, you are welcome to submit a GitHub issue to the project repo.

Social media

You are also welcome to engage with us on social media via Twitter or LinkedIn using the hashtag #W3redesign.