About Studio 24

Studio 24 is an independent digital agency based in Cambridge, UK. We’ve always believed in building a better web, using standards to make sure the sites we build are accessible to all regardless of who you are, what internet access you have, what device you’re using, or any disability you may have. Our company mission to bring together human-centred design and open source technology is ideally fitted to a client such as W3C.

The project team

The team is a passionate bunch of web designers, content strategists, developers, project managers and client services experts committed to making a better web. Needless to say, the team is very excited to be working with W3C.

Simon Jones, Founder & Managing Director

Role: Technical architect, Project lead

Simon studied English Literature at Anglia Ruskin University. While there he learnt HTML, helped start the first Varsity Online website and started his journey on the web. Simon founded Studio 24 in 1999 and for over 20 years he has been bringing a mix of strategic insight and technical expertise to client projects.

Outside of work Simon is a trustee of the charity Cambridge Film Trust who present the annual Cambridge Film Festival.

Ian Axton, Creative Director

Role: Design lead, Information Architecture lead

Ian joined the studio in 2014, bringing with him a wealth of expertise having helped brands such as Sony, English Heritage and Centrepoint to connect with their audiences. Ian heads up the Studio 24 creative team and works alongside the development team to ensure a seamless and efficient delivery on all projects. He is an advocate of clean, user centred design that allows people to positively engage with brands and their content.

In his free time, Ian can be found in the pottery studio knee deep in creative projects with his family.

Ben Challoner, Data & Content Strategist

Role: Content lead

Before joining Studio 24 as a Digital Marketing Executive in 2015, Ben had spent several years in Australia where he worked as a freelance digital marketing consultant. Ben’s role evolved to Data and Content Strategist - reflecting the strategic work he had been undertaking for clients to help them analyse, optimise and improve their digital performance.

Ben loves cinema and is part of the ‘Bums on Seats’ film review show on Cambridge 105 and is co-host of the Sudden Double Deep: The Triple Bill Title Podcast.

Carlos Eriksson, Front-end Developer & Accessibility lead

Role: Development, Accessibility lead

Carlos believes that the web is built by people, for people. And if we want to make a better web we need to include people from all walks of life. Carlos began his digital journey with a degree in audio visual communication. But the real inspiration for his dedication to digital accessibility came from working closely with people with permanent disabilities. At Studio 24 Carlos has worked with HS2, Heathrow and Crown Commercial Service.

In his spare time, Carlos writes Inclusive by Design, where he gathers a decade of knowledge and experience packed into short, thoughtful and actionable posts on accessibility and inclusive practices.

Marie Manandise, Senior Web Developer

Role: CMS lead

Marie first started coding as part of her biology degree course, during which she learned Pascal. A few years later, she woke up with the urge to make websites for a living. She took courses to turn her scripting skills into website building ones and started straight away as a freelance web developer.

Marie joined Studio 24 in 2016 and has focussed on PHP development and Wordpress CMS projects.

She is a big believer in coding best practices and often thinks that, when it comes to web design or development, ‘less is more’.

Nicola Saunders, Front-end Developer

Role: Front-End Development lead

Nicola entered the world of web development from self-taught beginnings. She joined Studio 24 as a Front-End Developer in 2017 after acquiring W3C recognised qualifications in responsive web design and JavaScript. With keen awareness and knowledge of accessibility and inclusive design, Nicola has contributed to multiple client sites including: Cambridge Film Festival, Cambridge University Botanic Gardens, Fauna and Flora International, and UK Parliament.

Sean Dunwoody, Senior Web Developer

Role: CMS developer

Sean first got into web development, at age 13, after playing online text-based strategy games. He was inspired to teach himself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He knew from then that he wanted a career in digital as there would always be fresh challenges, new things to learn, and new objectives to meet. Sean joined Studio 24 in October 2014 and has expanded his knowledge, and honed his skills, to excel as both a front-end developer working in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and a back-end developer working in PHP. Sean’s work as a developer has been integral to the success of large projects including Crossrail, Internet Watch Foundation, and HS2.

Claire McDermott, Senior Project Manager

Role: User research

Claire’s project management style is to put relationships at the heart of project delivery. In her 3 years at Studio 24, she has worked with a broad range of clients, on a diverse number of projects. These include site rebranding for Cambridge University Botanic Garden, new corporate websites for HS2 and Heathrow consultation and legacy site maintenance and upgrades for Crossrail.

Claire is also the Mental Health First Aider for the Studio, and is passionate about raising awareness on the importance of mental wellbeing. In previous roles Claire has also worked with a number of well-known brands, such as Shell, Michelin and Vauxhall.

Sazia Islam, Senior UX Designer

Role: UX design

Sazia is a user advocate, a systematic problem solver and just generally a people’s person. She has a deep toolkit of techniques and methods that has helped brands such as Volkswagen, O2, Avios and The Telegraph. She is skilled at user research, information architecture, workshop facilitation and user centric design. All in all she just has a passion for making others’ lives easier on the web and beyond.

Julia Sang, Senior Project Manager

Role: Project Manager

Julia loves the challenge of managing big projects. At Studio 24 she has delivered a range of projects including the UK government’s Crown Commercial Service website, the Airspace Expansion Consultation for Heathrow, and global e-commerce sites for Urban Bar. Julia always keeps projects under control with a strict eye on client and site priorities.

Outside of work Julia organises Playing Out sessions in association with the City Council. Before moving to Studio 24, Julia worked at IRIS Worldwide with some of the world’s biggest brands including Philips, Britvic and Unilever.

Our services

Our core skills are solving complex problems for our clients through design and technology. We focus on open source solutions in the PHP tech stack and offer a range of services including:

  • Digital strategy
  • Content strategy
  • User-centred design
  • Front-end build
  • Technical development, including: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Accessibility, Security, Performance, PHP, Symfony, Laravel, JavaScript, Database design, API design, API / web services integration, Content migration, WordPress CMS, Varnish, ElasticSearch
  • Headless CMS
  • Interactive mapping
  • Digital Marketing
  • SEO strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Technical Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • International SEO
  • DevOps and hosting infrastructure (AWS)
  • Support & Maintenance

Our clients

  • Animal Health Trust
  • CBM
  • Crossrail
  • Crown Commercial Service
  • Department of Health and Social Care
  • Fauna and Flora International
  • Heathrow Airport
  • HS2
  • UK Parliament
  • Wellcome Genome Campus