High level timeline

This high level timeline outlines the main project phases. Within each phase the work is described, alongside the milestones that we expect to reach. All the work is to be completed by Studio 24, unless W3C is explicitly mentioned.

This is not a final schedule. We expect it to be iterated during the project as our planning progresses and key decisions are made. A change log will be kept to highlight amends made after the first publish date.

There is a visual version that can be seen on whimsical and a textual version below.

Discovery, User Experience (UX) and Information Architecture (IA) phase

April 2020 to August 2020

Work includes:

  • IA and content research
  • Design planning
  • Initial UI design work
  • Tech review and approach, shortlist CMS options


  • Project approach agreed (May)
  • IA report delivered (mid June)
  • Decided on CSS Framework (mid June)
  • Initial UI design and HTML prototyping
  • IA signed off by W3C (end of August)
  • Content in scope agreed by Studio 24 and W3C (end of August)
  • Decide on CMS platform (end of August)

Design phase

August 2020 to September 2020

Work includes:

  • UI Design (completed September)

Build, test and iterate site phase

September 2020 - January 2021

Work includes:

  • Development hosting set up (June, W3C)
  • HTML / CSS build (September to October)
  • CMS set-up and configuration (September to October)
  • Beta hosting set up (October, W3C)
  • Front-end integration of templates with CMS (October)
  • TBC: Content entry (November to December, W3C)
  • Browser, device and accessibility testing and bug fixing (November)
  • Client testing and bug fixing (November - December)
  • Development iterations (December)
  • Template integration (November - December, W3C)
  • Live hosting set up (December)


  • Design approval (September)
  • CMS set up (end of mid October)
  • Private beta (November)
  • HTML design system (November)
  • Public beta (early January 2021)

Design and Production Iterations to Beta site

January 2021 to March 2021

Work includes:

  • User testing (January to February)
  • UI Design updates (February)
  • CMS, HTML / CSS updates (February to March)
  • Browser, device and accessibility testing and bug fixing (March)

Site launch

Late March 2021

*Update: 3 July 2020

Based on additional research we are doing in the IA phase, project dates have moved along by around three weeks.

*Update: 29 July 2020

The discussion of the top-level site map with W3C last week revealed a few more areas to consider for the site architecture. We have also changed the approach on the design phase so that it runs after the user experience work is completed, it extends the timeline of the project but will result in a more efficient design phase. This has moved the delivery dates along by around 2 months. A few other minor deliverables were also been updated to fit with the new timings.