Proposed site map, v2

This is v2 of our proposed site map for the W3C website. You can view it as a text version below.

Additional documentation to support this proposed site map includes:

  • Google slides which summarise our Content design work, this informs the updated Information Architecture.
  • Wireframes which detail our work on content hierarchy, further explained in the Content design slides.
  • Google sheet of the proposed sitemap which list all pages and their URLs.
  • The existing site map, for a comparison point.

General content recommendations

Sentence case for navigation labels and headings

We recommend the use of sentence case for page titles: only use upper-case for the first word and proper nouns (i.e. the name of a unique thing or entity).

For example:

  • Updated Candidate Recommendation: WebRTC 1.0: real-time communication between browsers


  • Updated Candidate Recommendation: WebRTC 1.0: Real-time Communication Between Browsers

The W3C site currently uses all caps or title case (most words start with an upper-case letter). Sentence case is easier to scan for most users; it improves accessibility and usability.

See Sentence case v title case, Readability Guidelines: Capital letters, and Accessibility Requirements for People with Low Vision.

It may be useful to start a style guide while updating content for the W3C site, to help authors understand when it’s OK to capitalise.

Reduce use of FAQs

If you write clear web content that is easy to navigate and answers your readers questions, you will not need to create a FAQ. FAQs often cause your readers more frustration.

Plain language: Avoid FAQs

Please note where possible we plan to merge FAQ content into pages and remove FAQs. This requires a content review of FAQ content before this is done, which will be reviewed with W3C in the design phase. For now, we have left FAQs in the navigation and wireframes.

User menu

Links associated with whether a user is logged in.

Logged out

  • Login (single link to login page)

Logged in

  • My profile
    • Member home
    • Logout

A small number of key links focussed around contact, help, sponsor and legal information.

  • Home
  • Contact
  • Help
  • Sponsor and donate
  • Privacy policy
  • Legal
  • Site map
  • System status

Please note the footer will also include a copyright statement. For example:

Copyright © 1994-2000 World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Proudly hosted by MIT, ERCIM, Keio, Beihang

Top-level sections

  • Home
  • Standards
  • Groups
  • Get involved
  • Resources
  • News and insights
  • About

Detailed site map

Please note navigation links below suffixed with (requires login) mean the content can only be accessed if the user is logged in. Any navigation links suffixed with (cross-link) mean the content primarily lives in another section and is cross-linked from here.

When designing the site we may only display two or three levels in the primary navigation. The folllowing sitemap illustrates the main pages for the high-level W3C site.


Content related to standards and technical reports.

  • Standards
    • About W3C standards
    • Types of reports we publish (explain types of docs, specification maturation)
    • Technical reports (TR/ page)
    • Translations of technical reports
    • Specification reviews and public feedback
    • Code and implementation
    • Promote web standards (cross-link)
    • Standards FAQ


Content related to groups within W3C who undertake work to produce standards and move forward the mission of W3C.

At present we’ve added two pages on how groups work & find groups to help direct new users. This content will be explored further in the design phase.

  • Groups
    • How W3C works in groups
    • Find group by activity
    • Working groups
    • Interest groups
    • Community groups
    • Business groups
    • Technical Architecture Group
    • Advisory Board
    • Task forces
    • Organizations
    • Invited Experts
      • Directory of W3C Invited Experts
      • Invited Expert application (requires login)
      • Invited Expert and Collaborators Agreement (cross-link)
      • External Contributions
      • Invited Expert Policies (requires login)
    • Liaisons
      • Participation in W3C by EU-funded projects
    • Participant guidebook
    • Mailing lists
      • Archives
      • Search mailing lists
      • Manage your subscriptions
      • Email FAQs
      • Posting guides
        • Spam policy
        • Guidelines for email attachments
        • Code of ethics and professional conduct (cross-link)
        • Subject tagging policy
        • Archive editing policy
    • Groups FAQ

Get involved

Content related to getting involved in W3C activity, membership, sponsorship and donations.

  • Get involved
    • Business areas
      • Automotive
      • Media and entertainment
      • Publishing
      • Web payments
      • Web of Data
      • Web and telecommunications
      • Web of Things
    • Sponsorship and donations
      • Donate now
      • Global sponsor
      • Technology and industry sponsor
      • Event and diversity sponsor
      • Web for All sponsor
      • Developer sponsor
    • W3C Membership (include content from benefits)
      • Membership fees
      • Join W3C
        • Member application
        • Member agreement
      • Our members
      • Membership testimonials
      • Membership submissions (cross-link)
      • Membership FAQ
    • Groups (cross-link)
    • How to get an account (explain different ways to get involved and create accounts)
      • Members
      • Invited Experts
      • Public users (content to help individuals understand how they can get involved)
      • Code of ethics and professional conduct (cross-link)
    • Member home (requires login)
    • Promote Web Standards
      • Logos and icons


Content related to learning resources and events organised by and associated with W3C.

  • Resources
    • Tutorials and courses
    • Podcasts and video
    • Events (listing of upcoming talks, workshops, meetings, conferences)
      • Talks
      • Workshops
        • Workshops archive
        • Subscribe to upcoming workshops
      • Meetings
      • Conferences Endorsed by W3C
        • Endorsed conferences archive
        • Subscribe to upcoming conferences
    • Developers (landing page for developers, may link to existing Developers site or replace it)
    • W3C cheatsheet (content not updated since 2017)
    • Glossary (not maintained since 2010, though useful content)
    • Weekly newsletter (cross-link)
    • Standards (cross-link)
    • Validators
    • W3C API

News and insights

Content related to news, press releases, blogs and other articles from W3C.

  • News and insights (listing of recent content across news, blogs, press releases, in the media)
    • News
      • News feed
    • Blogs
      • Blog feed
      • Other W3C blogs
    • Press releases
      • Subscribe to press releases updates by email
      • Press releases archive
    • In the media
      • In the media archive
    • Weekly newsletter
      • Subscribe to weekly newsletter
      • Weekly newsletter archive


Content related to W3C, its mission, history and people, contact information, and policies and legal information.

  • About
    • Our mission
      • Accessibility (we recommend high-level content to introduce this area, then link to WAI/ activity page)
      • Internationalization
      • Privacy
      • Security
    • History (we recommend re-using content from Facts about W3C)
    • Leadership (we recommend re-using content from Facts about W3C)
    • People
    • Evangelists
      • Directory of Evangelists
      • Evangelist Program
      • Evangelists internal procedures (requires login)
      • Code of ethics and professional conduct (cross-link)
    • Careers
      • Job opportunities
      • Fellows program
    • Press and media
      • Press releases (cross-link)
      • W3C in the media (cross-link)
    • Contact
      • Beihang University (W3C中国)
      • ERCIM
      • Keio University
      • MIT
    • Policies and legal information
      • Policies
        • Code of ethics and professional conduct
        • Process document
        • Patent policy
        • Privacy
        • URI persistence
        • Logos
      • Agreements
        • Membership agreement
        • Invited Expert and collaborator agreement
        • Community contributor license agreement (CLA)
        • Community final specification agreement
      • Copyright and trademarks
        • Intellectual rights FAQ
        • Document license
        • Software and document notice and license
        • Test suites
        • Test case contributions
        • Trademarks
        • Trademark license
    • Help