User groups

Why are we doing it?

So we can understand the W3C users, their motivations and needs, we worked with W3C to document a list of the main user groups that use the W3C website. This gives us a strong platform on which we can design a successful site.

We created this list of users by first of all reviewing site content and known user groups. The list was shared with W3C and iterated with input from both the project team and other interested people via the W3C website redesign wiki

The final list of user groups can be seen below:

User groups

  1. Members
    1. Advisory Committee Representative (Member rep)
    2. Member employee
    3. Advisory Board Member (Elected reps)
  2. Prospective Members
    1. Management: Why is joining W3C worth my money?
    2. Engineer: How would joining W3C help my project? How do I convince my company to join?
    3. Lawyer: What are the legal obligations and risks of participation?
  3. Group participants
    1. W3C Group participant
    2. W3C Chair
    3. W3C Spec Editor
    4. W3C Invited Expert
    5. W3C Translator
  4. Web developers & designers
    1. Intermediate Web developers: have a better grasp of W3C, awareness of upcoming new technologies, and guidance on how to bring input and feedback to the standardization process.
    2. Expert Web developers: convert them into active contributors to W3C work, either via spec contributions, issue discussions, MDN documentation and test case development.
    3. Technical Contributors: Give more exposure to their work and their influence on the Web, and encourage them to expand their commitment to the W3C mission.
    4. Web influencers, DevRel teams: convince them of the value of helping grow the W3C community and expand the reach of our messages.
  5. Internal
    1. W3C Staff (including W3C Group Staff Contact)
    2. W3C Evangelist
    3. W3C Chapter
  6. The Financial Supporter
    1. Grassroots - small donations from web developers
    2. Sponsors - info about sponsoring W3C meetings and activities
    3. Funders - why W3C is worth supporting through large grants
  7. Press
  8. Other
    1. Beginner Web developers: give them general awareness of what W3C is, what it does, how it works, and that it can be interacted with. Orient them toward our offering of tools (validators) and learning material (W3Cx, MDN).
    2. The Jobseeker
    3. The Casual user