Accessibility testing - round 1

On 15th March 2021, our accessibility test partners, the Digital Accessibility Centre completed the first round of accessibility testing on our first three static templates:

  1. Default template
  2. Landing template
  3. Business ecosystem template

In total 17 issues have been raised for us to review. It is an excellent report summarised in the following main areas:

  • 6 high priority issues
  • 2 medium priority issues
  • 1 low priority issue
  • 5 usability issues
  • 1 link issue
  • 1 image issue
  • 1 third party issue

Many of the issues we can resolve in coding, some are content issues we can address now, and some are content issues that have arisen because we are using example copy on the pages.

For more details on the issues, read DAC’s full accessibility report (DOCX, 4.9 MB).