Design direction survey insights

To help us gain an initial understanding of what W3C are looking for in their design solution, we asked them a few questions. The team had some fantastic descriptions to help us, we’ve listed some extracts below.

List any important words that you want people to associate with your company image / brand.


Approachable / friendly / helpful / caring / compassion / inclusive / responsive / understandable / accessible / welcoming / inviting / communicative / collaborative / open


Knowledgeable / informational / smart / educated / wise / expert / serious / professional / mature / precise / accurate / reliable / thorough / technical / rigorous / comprehensive


Authoritative / exemplary / official / confident / origin / source / standard / process / persistent / longevity / stable / trustworth / respected / organized / trustworthy


Global / world-wide / international / inclusive / connected / universal


Fair / equality / impartial / neutral / consensual + straightforward / transparent / open / consensual / participatory / grass-roots

And a wildcard….

Idealistic / purposeful / public good / value-based / better / ambitious / brave

If your business was a personality who would it be? And why?

Leonardo da Vinci

The homo Universalis, interested in everything: art, culture, technology, law, language… And good at it, too.


The perfect engineer, whose brilliant work, despite his best intentions, still caused somebody to die.

Fred Rogers

Constructive, helpful, kind.


Geeky, smart, respected, kind.

Dalai Lama? Pope Francis?

Respected; bridging old and new; traditional but progressive.

Barack Obama

Because he’s firm and transparent in his policies and is also open to different points of view backed by science and evidence.

A little bit Richard Ayoade

Not embarrassed to be techy-nerd but also really creative and cool.

Bill Nye

Smart, explains things simply, but still fun.

Carl Sagan

He explained things simply and clearly, in a relaxing tone.

Captain Picard

Trusted, humble, grounded.

Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Its role is communicating and educating. It arbitrates between stakeholders in the web and teaches the public about the resulting technology and standards.


The most beautiful star of all. She was the protective cherub, made music, and is said to have been the director of Paradise management.

Dwight Schrute from The Office

But with web browser standards instead of beet farming and paper.

The president of Austria

No-bullshit and reliable, and mostly in the background.

Bernie Sanders

Because you have to push boundaries to reach out to people, direct and no BS, no pleasantries, clearly-stated positions.

And some other characters…

The president of a democratic country, because its authoritative output is the result of a collective effort.

Someone who will not be annoying, just doing their job, and go away.

My wise, knowledgeable aunt that always provides good information and advice.

A good friend that coaches me to deliver high-quality web experiences for all users by using innovative web technologies in the best possible way.

A trustworthy, wonky, intelligent neighbor you can always turn to for information, answers and tools. always planning things for the community and willing to help out.

A friend trying to organize a group meal for a few billion people.

Right now? A scholarly hermit that holds a lot of knowledge, but people don’t understand him.