Round 2 testing

Wow. How time flies! I knew we hadn’t written an update in a while, but I didn’t realise it had been a whole month until I checked back on my last update.

We haven’t been resting on our laurels though and have now finished nearly all of the static HTML/CSS templates for the project. Tomorrow kicks-off the next round of testing with Zoonou (for browser and device testing) and the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) (for accessibility testing). As testing time is limited, we have prioritised templates for testing, to ensure all unique patterns are tested in at least one template. Templates which use repeated patters are a lower priority. Any fixes required will be carried out across all the templates. You may also notice the pages use the navigation prototype version 4, which is very close to the final version, but is not yet ready for testing.

Primary priority templates to be tested

Secondary priority templates to be tested

Other static templates

You may notice on our Prototype Index the templates have been grouped into lists. Here’s what the lists mean:

Ready for accessibility and compatibility testing

These templates have had internal code quality and design checks. The next step is browser, device and accessibility testing with external agencies.

Final amends

These templates have had all accessibility and compatibility changes completed and have been reviewed by the W3C team. They have outstanding issues to be resolved which have been raised by the W3C team.


These templates have been signed off by W3C and are ready to be integrated into the front-end app.


These templates are still work-in-progress, awaiting feedback from our team or the W3C team before we want to send them for formal testing.

Next steps

Test results from Zoonou will be in later this week and from DAC on 4th June. Our next steps will be to:

  • Complete the additional components for group pages
  • Finalise the static templates with outstanding amends from W3C
  • Bug fixing
  • Prototype iteration

Edit: This page was edited on 09 June 2021 to add the links to the additional components for group pages, cards and navigation, which were not available at the original time of posting.