Weeknotes, 09 Apr

The last two weeks have been about finishing off the outstanding areas of design and preparing for our next phase of development, which starts Monday 12th April. We have shared the work we have been doing on illustrations and the Technical Reports page.

This week has been quiet, with some team members on holiday and others moving onto new projects. Next week we are ramping back-up for a few weeks of development work. Nicki will start with bug-fixes for the templates that have been tested, before moving onto building the other templates. We are also welcoming Sean Dunwoody onto the project, to build the CMS. He has been at Studio 24 since 2014 and is looking forward to getting stuck into Craft.

What was good: the design phase has officially come to an end!

What we found challenging: I went on a journey of discovery regarding good practice for image alt text while looking at the post on illustrations. That will be a separate blog post one day soon!

What are we looking forward to: kicking off the next phase of development.