Weeknotes, 11 Dec

We are now getting into the fine detail of the project, from detailing the use of specific filters on listing pages, to estimating build times, to making final changes to the header area. It is tricky work to make sure all elements have been properly considered and implemented - but it’s this work that will make the rest of the project run smoothly once we get into full build. This is what we’ve been up to this week:

The header area and language selection

Last week we started planning the approach managing translations and internationalisation of the site. We reviewed all the comments we have received regarding the header area and best practice guidance on language indication and switching. In turn, this led us to make a number of user interaction improvements to the header area of the site. We will publish an update on what we changes and why early next week.

Feedback on the default, landing and business templates

We received feedback from the W3C team on the default, landing and business templates. We are working through the feedback - here is a summary of the main points.

General impressions:

  1. I really like these designs. Looking forward to the HTML/CSS version! (GO)
  2. I LOVE this look and feel. (JAB)
  3. I think this design looks clean and classic. It’s really nice. (AvdH)
  4. I like the visual design and clean style. I look forward to this update to our site. (WS)

With a recognition that static files don’t allow for review of all elements:

  1. Static files don’t allow for proper review of the “Page language” feature. (RI) 

The main areas we need to review are:

  • Alignment of some page elements such as cards being the same height, placement of twitter icon etc.
  • Concerns about the general use of space and that elements are not compact enough, i.e. heading font size is too large, too much white-space, too much scrolling on longer pages, reviewing the best use of horizontal space on larger screens, and images on mobile.
  • Feedback on the header area, including notes on page language and translations
  • Feedback on site imagery, reviewing where it is used and why, and the style of imagery not reflective enough of W3Cs work. While there is a recognition that :

“Having pictures of people also helps communicate that what we’re doing is ultimately about empowering people, not just tinkering with technology.”

There is also a strong desire to make sure these images are also relevant and:

“bring value to the page content.”

UI design of listing and post pages

We have identified five main different types of listing pages, during our IA and content work:

  • News-type listing pages (blog, news, in the media, press releases)
  • Event-type listing pages (talks, workshops, meetings, conferences)
  • People-type listing pages (people, evangelists, invited experts, alumni)
  • Members listing page

Each of these main types of listing pages have variations depending on the content they are listing. From relevant details that would appear on the listing card, to defining the filters required for the listing page, there has been a lot of detailed work in reviewing, defining and agreeing content for these pages. The content is now with the W3C team for a final review, while we have been working on the designs to bring them to life and make it easier to review the content.

Build planning and estimating

This week we have been planning the detailed tasks required for building the site. Jean-Guilhem Rouel from the W3C Systems team will be working with us to build the Symfony application so we are now planning and estimating tasks for:

  • front-end build
  • CMS build
  • Symfony app build

Once complete we will to update our project timeline and delivery approach.

The W3C team continue to gather feedback on the navigation prototype we have built, so for the moment that work remains paused until a full review is complete.

Final thoughts

What was good: getting final feedback on elements we are nearly completed.

What we found challenging: reviewing all the requirements for page language and translation, and other header requirements, to make this important area of the site work well

What are we looking forward to: finalising the header and starting front-end template build!