Weeknotes, 17 Jul

This week we have seen the results of all the research the team has been beavering away on.

A new site navigation

On Thursday, we got together to review the new W3C website Information Architecture (IA) we are going to propose. After weeks of research exploring user needs, finding out about their frustrations and understanding how W3C operates, it was an exciting moment for us.

Looking at the site IA with the whole team, each person specialising in a different area, gives you several different perspectives. When we come together in agreement on something, it feels like we are onto something good.

So with a few tweaks we agreed on the proposed new navigation and we’ve put it into Treejack to test. If we have got it right, we will see an improvement in people successfully navigating to their desired destination.

A CMS recommendation

Marie finished her investigation into the three CMSes we are reviewing for the project. We’ve come to a conclusion on which one would best fit the project, although we need to review them for accessibility before we make a final recommendation.

Final thoughts

What was good: a new site map - we can see it coming together!

What we found challenging: working out the best way to agree and communicate what will be the final deliverables in scope for the project. Is it a spreadsheet? A Google doc? A plane? No! It’s… still to be decided.

What are we looking forward to: sharing our IA recommendations next week, getting feedback and iterating. Discussing the proposed CMS platform with the Systems Team.