Weeknotes, 19 Mar

It has officially been a year since we started the W3C website redesign project and went into the first Covid-19 UK lockdown. As an agency we have had to respond rapidly to different ways of working, which was done with compassion and flexibility. Simon’s reflection on the past year captures the changes we went through and hopes for the future. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a noticeable impact on this project but has not dampened our enthusiasm or commitment to delivering the new site this summer.

This week, Marie has continued to work with Alan, Simon, and the W3C Systems team on hosting and deployment. Simon and Marie have been going over URL strategy and looking at the URL patterns that remain to define to implement the front-end application.

Ian has been reviewing all the card layouts to make sure they work consistently across the site, designing a few outstanding components such as the ‘group listing’ component for the business ecosystem page, and the new components needed for the group pages. We finalised the draft homepage content and design for W3C’s initial review.

The W3C team have been gathering their feedback on the Technical Reports listing page for us to review early next week and have been responding at pace to our many questions this week, so we can finalise the last remaining items of design

Final thoughts

What was good: Ian’s queue of work has got smaller and smaller. We are nearly officially at the end of design.

What we found challenging: date formats have taken up a lot of thinking and discussion the past couple of weeks to make sure it works for many locations. We have now landed on a format and a specification for it to be displayed that we all agree on - hooray! If you are wondering, here it is:

28 January 2021, 14:00 - 15:30 Eastern Daylight Time (18:00 - 19:30 UTC)

The intention is to provide the a clear datetime in the timezone an event is based in, and offer a universal UTC date in brackets. W3C plan to look into how to convert this to a localized time in JavaScript as part of the frontend work.

What are we looking forward to: completing two important templates - Technical Reports listing and Homepage!