Weeknotes, 23 Apr

An industrious week

Sean dived into content modelling this week, making sure we have a full list of content that needs to sit in the CMS. He’s also set-up the CMS and worked on taxonomies, content sections and component fields.

Alan has been working on deployments with the W3C team. There are still some teething issues which means we haven’t been able to get our CMS work onto the development site yet.

Nicki has been working on some design and browser amends for the first three templates, and has now moved onto building the form elements. DAC completed the accessibility retest on the first three templates and all but one issue is resolved.

Simon is continuing to work on the headless CMS Symfony application.

We also want to give a special mention this week to the team at Craft, who have been incredibly responsive and helpful. They have been making a special effort to prioritise features which are needed for the site, to make it the best it can be. At the end of March they brought-forward the release of their ‘Show Time Zone setting’ (f86ac030 + d990cd21). This week, they wrapped up work on version 1.0.0 of their CKEditor plugin, so that we can use CKEditor 4.x for the project, which better meets accessibility guidelines. Note from Craft:

v1.0.0 uses CKEditor 5 (27.0.0) by default, however the build is now customizable, so you can switch up the build features or the version, including downgrading to CKEditor 4.x.

And the rest…

What was good: we are making solid progress on all fronts

What we found challenging: the deployment process is still not working smoothly. We hope to tick this off next week.

What are we looking forward to: ticking off some more tasks in JIRA.