Weeknotes, 7 Aug

Holiday season is upon us. Team members from both Studio 24 and W3C have time-off over August, and so the pace of work has slowed a little.

Over the past two weeks we have been pushing ahead with the information architecture and site content work, delving into more detail to build out the second and third layers of the site map.

We are working to a detailed plan to complete this phase of the project by the end of August. So how are we progressing?

Site purpose

We had a great discussion with Alan Bird regarding the site purpose. It raised a new user group that to consider: people in industry who don’t know much about W3C, how their organisation can participate in W3C, or what benefits W3C offer them. This was folded into feedback we had from other W3C team members on the site purpose to inform our site map and content design work.

Site terminology

We started a discussion with W3C on terminology used across the site, to review wording and definitions. This will be an ongoing task to highlight inconsistencies, or areas which are misunderstood, and consider where items may need to be labelled differently.

Content and site map

With W3C, we prioritised a list of which user flows and pages we are going to review content for. Sazia kicked-off her in-depth content review by creating a content matrix to capture on what pages relevant content exists.

The site map was also iterated and sent to W3C for review, before we test it again in treejack.

Final thoughts

What was good: discussing the needs of industries with Alan Bird was the highlight of my week. It was a very interesting and different perspective on the role the website needs to play for W3C and its users.

What we found challenging: honing-down the list of content to review and work on. There is such a lot of good content on the site, and so many pages we could work on, but the project constraints mean we have to focus on the top priorities.

What are we looking forward to: seeing the first look at the user-flows and wireframes that Sazia has been working on next week.