Weeknotes, 9 Oct

In the past two weeks we’ve been making progress in four areas: CMS planning, design, front-end prototyping and detailing what we are going to build in a spec.

CMS planning

We had a kick-off call with the Craft team on 30th September to discuss our build approach. We confirmed that our preferred approach to site build will be using features, that by launch, will allow non-sighted users with accessibility needs to enter CMS content. Marie started planning the site content model and is also finalising the build approach.


Last week we presented to W3C our proposal for site styles and how they feed into site templates. The initial feedback was generally positive. There are lots of details that still need to be ironed out, and we need to review how imagery can give the site a more authoritative feel, but generally it was felt the design meets the needs of the site. Feedback included points such as:

From both a usability and aesthetic standpoint, the new site design is a marked improvement over the original.

I think the site looks much cleaner and modern. Just what we are after.

For the WAI website redesign in 2005 and 2016, goals for the site included:

I feel like the colors and the style of illustrations do not convey “authoritative”.

Studio 24’s emphasis on simplicity and functionality - at times reminiscent of the site - has improved the overall clarity of the site’s navigation and content. The use of certain page structures and elements commonly seen on other sites will likely result in a familiar, and less intimidating, user experience for W3C newcomers.

Next week we aim to share the design work on this site too.


Nicki has finished the initial prototype of the top navigation for desktop and mobile. Next week we will test it internally and then pass it over to W3C to do an initial review. In the meantime she has been building the typographical styles and setting up the foundations of a static site which will eventually house the W3C design system.

The specification

As a team we have been diligently going through all the site requirements and writing them up into a specification - which will become the single source of truth for the site build. It’s a detailed-focus exercise combining all disciplines on the team to make sure we don’t miss any key functions, and we can also document what will not be in-scope for this phase. The plan is to complete this early next week and share with W3C for review.

Final thoughts

What was good: seeing the design take shape and the site come to life; a commitment from Craft that the CMS will be operable by non-sighted users from launch

What we found challenging: detailing everything in the specification while working remotely.

What are we looking forward to: having a definite list of what we are going to build.