High level timeline and approach (March Update)

The high-level timeline was last updated in January 2021. Since then a few challenges have pushed back the timeline.

  1. The decision making process takes time, to make sure we get an agreed consensus from all project stakeholders.
  2. The build of the first static templates took longer than expected.
  3. Covid-19 has had an impact. The UK-wide lockdown, which started on 26 December, meant we needed to furlough some team members for childcare and another team member caught Covid and needed time off to recover.

Happily, everyone is now healthy and back in the office full time. It is wonderful to be together as a team again and things have started moving at pace.

The revised timeline and approach starts in January 2021 for ease of readability. The previous version can be accessed on the link above, any changes to this version will be kept via a change log.

There is a visual version that can be seen on whimsical and a textual version below.

Design work

January - March 2021

Work includes:

  • Header area
  • Listing, post and event page templates finalised
  • TR listing page
  • Homepage
  • Account pages and sign-in/register flow and wireframes
  • Group pages (user interaction improvement recommendations)

Build and test site

January - June 2021

Work includes:

  • HTML / CSS build (January to May - Studio 24)
  • First round of browser, device and accessibility testing and bug fixing (March - Studio 24 and Zoonou and the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC))
  • Front-end application build (January to April - Studio 24, W3C)
  • Hosting environment set up (March - W3C)
  • CMS set-up and configuration (March to April - Studio 24)
  • W3C content migration (April to May - W3C)
  • Content entry (end of April to July - W3C)
  • Front-end app integration sprint 1 (May - Studio 24, W3C)
  • Second round of browser and device testing and bug fixing (May - Studio 24 and Zoonou)
  • Front-end app integration sprint 2 (June - Studio 24, W3C)
  • Third round of browser, device and accessibility and performance testing and bug fixing (June - Studio 24, Zoonou and the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC))


  • Private beta release and design system complete (21 June)
  • W3C AC meeting (26 & 27 April - W3C)

User Acceptance Testing & W3C app integration (UAT)

June to July 2021

Work includes:

  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT) by W3C and bug fixing (end June - July - Studio 24, W3C)
  • W3C app integration and content migration (June - July, W3C)


  • Site approval (late July - W3C)

Site launch

Late July 2021