Weeknotes, 26 Mar

This past week we have have been finalising the design for the Techincal Reports (TR) listing page and Homepage. We will be able to share those once we have the next round of feedback from the W3C team.

Our work on the group pages is nearly complete and we are close to finalising usability improvements to the account login and sign-up pages.

We have also been working out the fine details for smaller items, that can still have a big impact on usability. Such as the style and function of a banner to sit on legacy pages to inform people that the page is no longer up-to-date.

Set-up of the deployment process is now complete. It required careful planning to make sure it doesn’t cause any issues down-the-line.

We also got the first accessibility report from our test partner, the Digital Accessibility Centre (DAC) for the work we did on the first three static templates. We are looking forward to fixing those in the next HTML/CSS build sprint in mid April.

Final thoughts

What was good: sharing a homepage design with the W3C team for review. It is the icing on the cake in design terms.

What we found challenging: coming back the work we started on the account flow from last August to finish off this piece of content work. We had to remind ourselves of why we made certain decisions!

What are we looking forward to: the official end of the design phase.