Weeknotes, 3 July

New teammates

We’re really excited to have welcomed two new people onto our team this week.

Marie Manandise, one of our senior developers, has returned from maternity leave. When she went on leave, she was the only member of our team who was working remotely, being based in Belgium. She’s come back to us all working remotely! Marie will be leading our work on choosing a CMS suitable for W3C.

Sazia Islam is a Senior UX Designer who has come on-board to drive some additional user research in the areas of Groups and Specifications on the W3C website.

You can read a bit more about Maria and Sazia on our team page.

User research

Sazia dived straight into the project reading our draft information architecture report. On discussion of this report with W3C, two areas were identified that needed further research:

  • Groups
  • Standards / Specifications / Technical Reports

This week Sazia and Ian have been carrying out in-depth stakeholder interviews to explore the purposes, frustrations and possibilities of theses areas, with: Richard Ishida, Philippe Le Hégaret, Denis Ah-Kang, Chris Wilson, Rachel Andrew, Bert Bos, Vivien Lacourba and Jean-Guilhem Rouel.

They have also analysed the results from the recent public survey on these areas.

Choosing CMS option to assess

After Marie read our CMS strategy and requirements report she shortlisted the following CMS options to review in more detail:


There have been a few unexpected bumps in the road on the project which have affected the timeline. Covid-19 and moving to work remotely has been a big player in this area, as has the need for additional user research. Our high-level timeline has now been updated to reflect this.

Final thoughts

What was good: Marie and Sazia joining the team and getting stuck into the project.

What we found challenging: learning so much more about the complexities of the W3C site, being shown pages we didn’t know existed.

What are we looking forward to: getting Sazia’s insights into the site IA after analysing results from the surveys and interviews; moving more on the design direction, exploring CMS options.